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One thought
Can make you numb
Can make you overthink
Can make you stay in bed all day
And you have no idea why

It can make you feel everything
It can make you feel nothing
It makes you hide yourself
It takes over your life

Keeps you up over something that seems like everything
But is nothing
It keeps you up all night
Makes you scared of everyone's opinion
Changes who you are

Makes you lie
Makes you hide
Hurts everyone you love
So stay
If you won't stay for yourself
Stay for who loves you
Even if it seems like they don't
They do
They really do Artwork by Isabel Templeton, Grade 7

Meeker Middle School

The Things That Matter Most-By Lucy J
Glimpses of morning's light
Wondering why humans fight
Subtle influences that impact the rest of our lives
These are the moments we'll remember
The hard things that always get better
The things that make us kinder and stronger
That make us question what matters most
When morning comes, what are the things that you'll look back and remember
The things that will matter most Artwork by LUCY JONSON:), Grade 8

Jason Lee Middle School